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You are not an ACCOUNTANT, you’re a BUSINESS OWNER.

But most accountants don’t have a business, they have chaos.

And until you have business, you’re unable to spend time on what’s important and you’ll forever be dragged into what’s not important.

You have clients taking up all of your time and energy, who don’t pay you enough. And you’re constantly helping your staff with their challenges because everyone has a different way of doing things.


You became an accountant because you wanted to impact client’s businesses and help them to grow and scale…. right?

But all of a sudden you find yourself as a business owner, leading a team.

And then the game changed on you. Cloud accounting came along, and so the work that you were doing, that was valued by your clients, became less so.

And while everyone’s talking about this “advisory” piece where you can give most value, you’re still stuck, juggling clients, managing your staff, rather than doing what you love.

We help accountants, just like you to take control of their clients, take control of their team, take control of the chaos and take control of their lives.

And it all starts by installing THE CLIENT CREATION SYSTEMS.

The Foundation puts the 9 most critical processes into your firm that ensures you’re capturing, converting and on boarding your dream clients into your most profitable packages of services.

This includes proven systems with our Fast-Track implementation, pre-written emails, pre-filmed videos, reporting & tracking, one-to-one training, support and access to our video academy.

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Pre-Built Systems

The most difficult part of implementing any system into an accountancy firm is getting the fundamental processes right in the first place. We have researched some of the world’s leadings business to develop proven tried and tested systems that deliver incredible experiences for your team and your clients

All Done For You

We will implement the proven systems into your accountancy firm with all the emails written, all the videos filmed, all of the tasks set to the correct team member, fully connected to your website for you to just start using. This comes out of the box, ready to rock.

Bootcamp Training

Successful firms are built on systems and then your team run the systems. Your team need to be fully engaged, fully trained and need to feel the benefits of the new system fast. Our Bootcamp Training includes One-to-One Zoom Training, online Video Academy, the online community and Group Webinar Training.

Powered by Infusionsoft™

Infusionsoft is an incredibly powerful automation engine and CRM which powers all of the systems we install. Some people think it’s only a marketing automation tool. Other people realise it’s potential but become confused by it. We’ve harnessed its full power are widely recognised as being the world leaders in implementing fully automated systems for accountants.


Enquiry Capture System

Stop losing potential clients by making sure that all enquiries are captured, recorded and never allowed to slip through the net, allowing them to automatically schedule calls with your team and book their own appointment directly into your team’s diaries.

Qualification System

Put a robust system in place that pre-qualifies prospects to prevent wasting time with clients who would be a poor fit for your firm.

Client Creation System

Badly behaved clients are the bane of every accountancy firm, taking all of your time and energy. Start to indoctrinate clients into behaving as you want them to behave, BEFORE they even sign up.

Sign-Up System

Massively improve your conversion rate by making sure that we know exactly where prospects are in the sales pipeline, what we need to next to convert them, when that needs to be done and who needs to take that action.

Red Carpet System

First impression are everything. We will help you to make sure that every new client receives a wow experience from the moment the sign up.

Automated Onboarding System

Automatically capture all the data you need to onboard new clients with automated fact finds, pre-recorded videos, automated professional clearance, tax authorisation and the automated management of critical tasks for your team

Service Activation System

Ensure you have all the data you need from your clients to start delivering your services to them, every single time. This includes the Pre-Flight check, the confirmation of specific service related data and the activation of your services.

Client Review System

Follow up with new and existing clients with automated one-click questionnaires and Client-Coordinator follow up to make sure that clients are always happy, and if they’re not, YOU will be the first to know.

Fee Review System

Carry our regular Fee Reviews is the fastest way for you to grow your profits and ensure you’re always delivering the most value you possibly can. This system will automate the reminder of fee reviews for you team on a quarterly, bi-annually or annual basis.
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